2022 President Jean Yip


When there is a will, there is a way.

The world has been in an unprecedented difficult state over the last two years. In 2020, JCI Hong Kong Jayceettes, however, have proven the world that if there is something we aim to achieve and we fight for that wholeheartedly, our goals can be met or even exceed, and Jayceettes have continued our growth personally and organisationally, and we as well take even more actions to serve the community.

With the support of our beloved members, it is my honour and privilege to serve as the President of JCI Hong Kong Jayceettes in 2022. The theme, “We Rise, We Blossom!”, represents how we, as Jayceettes, grow together, change together and excel together. We, as individual members, may be very capable and strong, and we definitely have members from all walks of life here in Jayceettes. Yet, it is not the personal ability that makes us grow, but how we put our heads together, working hand-in-hand, that we learn from each other and we morph into better individuals. 

In the coming year, we will continue to launch and proceed different project campaigns to serve the community as well as for the own good sake of the Chapter. The objective of our project campaigns includes recruiting new prospective female members with interest in community related topics, as well as providing a new horizon to our existing members resulting an amplified positive impact to our community.

We will also continue to plant our JCI seed in the public by promoting Female Elites Series – Business on Stilettos 2022: Global Female Entrepreneur Award & Hong Kong Master of Ceremony Competition both locally and globally.

We Rise, We Blossom!” is not only a slogan for Jayceettes of this year, but also an action reminder, that we work with the JCI RISE initiative in this special time, and Be The Change.

With your active participation and support, we are ready to bring a new page to the chapter, rise together and blossom together!