Membership Affairs

Members are our most crucial asset, being the driving force of our chapter. Membership Affairs area will focus in members’ recruitment, retention and extension; identifying each member’s reason to be a Jayceettes and further facilitate them to learn more new skills in contributing to their personal and professional growth.

Prospective Members Orientation will be consistently held to attract new young ladies in joining our chapter and to encourage them in participating in newbies’ 5-Star Trainings as well. Casual gatherings will be organized to further promote the mingling and fellowship of members and enhance members’ sense of belonging to the Chapter.

Leading into our Chapter’s 50th Anniversary, MA area is also proud to announce our new scheme called “Jayceettes Benefits” where we have aligned various brands’ goods and services to provide discounts and offers, exclusively only for our JCI Hong Kong Jayceettes members. Stay tuned for each quarter’s update!

How to Become a FULL Members?